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S W A R T B E R G   S O F A   2 – S E A T E R


Simple yet generous, the Swartberg Sofa 2-Seater is a spacious stand alone sofa or can be combined to form a variety of compositions including that perfect L-shape couch.

Stretch out, unrestrained on a lengthy Iroko base (An African hardwood) with plush layered memory foam & polyurethane mattress, upholstered in a hand picked selection of Sunbrella’s finest performance fabrics. Casual back cushions,
filled to the brim with soft microfiber, line the prominent asymmetrical stainless steel rails offered in 20 erudite powder coat colours.

Specify which side you’d like your arm rail from the position of sitting. For example, pictured above is a Swartberg Sofa 2-seater with arm rail on the Right.

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