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S O N G A L O L O   F I N I S H E S

Powder Coat Colours

The extravagant Songololo with patented pivot brackets can be shaped to take form as an exciting iconic and functional centrepiece. Choose Aluminium legs in more than 20 enticing powder coat colour options in UV-stable pure polyester powder with a luxurious satin ferro-grain texture.


Care for your powder coated Aluminium components by wiping when necessary with a damp cloth.

Traffic White


Light Grey

Basalt Grey

Umber Grey

Jet Black

Lemon Yellow

Ochre Brown

Beige Red

Coral Red

Purple Red

Chestnut Brown

Pale Green

Emerald Green

Moss Green

Olive Green

Pastel Violet

Pastel Turquoise

Gentian Blue

Night Blue

Ocean Blue

S O N G A L O L O   F I N I S H E S

Upholstery Fabric

Closely spaces ribs with padded seats of thick shaped layers of the highest quality foam ensure unrivalled relaxation.

Upholstered in exquisite performance fabrics – a hand picked selection of Sunbrella’s optimum collections: Solids, Natte, Mezzo, Komo, Ikebana, Marquetry, Majestic & Savane.


Care for your upholstery by brushing off loose dirt. When necessary, spray on a cleaning solution of water and mild soap, use a soft bristle brush to clean. Allow cleaning solution to soak into fabric. Rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is removed. Air dry. When leaving your sofa out in the elements for a prolonged period consider adding an optional Sofa Cover.

Natte Grey Chine

Heritage Slate

Natte Charc Chine

Natte Dark Taupe

Natte Sooty

Heritage Char

Solid Lin

Heritage Papyrus

Heritage Ash

Natte Tonka

Solid Mink

Natte Carmine

Solid Blush

Mezzo Opera

Mezzo Scale

Solid Autumn

Heritage Rust

Blend Clay

Natte Flamingo

Mezzo Tigerlilly

Mezzo Henna

Heritage Scarlet

Mezzo Turmeric

Mezzo Sulphur

Heritage Dijon

Natte Amber

Heritage Leaf

Heritage Moss

Solid Mint

Solid Almond

Mezzo Opal

Solid Alpine

Heritage Alpine

Mezzo Adriatic

Mezzo Tropic

Mezzo Celadon

Solid Curacao

Natte Frosty Chine

Mezzo Feather

Heritage Sky

Solid Ink

Heritage Indigo

Ikebana Uyuni

Ikebana Safari

Ikebana Bayou

Ikebana Canopy

Ikebana Polar

Ikebana Canyon

Komo Peat

Komo Raffia

Komo Vetiver

Komo Coua

Komo Tawny

Marquetry Shamal

Marquetry Sirocco

Marquetry Bora

Marquetry Zephyr

Marquetry Mistral

Majestic Jagger

Majestic Quartz

Majestic Citrine

Majestic Paraiba

Majestic Naos

Majestic Amethyst

Savane Dawn

Savane Eris

Savane Coconut

Savane Midnight

Savane Spring

Savane Tornado

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