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P O L K A   L O W   C A F E   T A B L E

Low 6-Seater

Attractive and colourful, paired with Love Seats or Lounge Chairs, the radiant Polka Low Café Table 6-seater brings flair to relaxed low dining outdoors.

Featuring rounded oblong tabletops with perforated steel polka dots, the cleverly spotted table allows rain water to pass through the surface while creating a stunning swirling optical pattern. The Polka Low Café Table 6-Seater is quirky with skinny legs. With it’s rain, rust & sun resistant fabrication and adjustable ball feet, it’s a balanced & hardy South African outdoor table.

Featured above in Purple Red, the Polka Low Café Table 6-seater measures L 1700 x W 750 and is only 650 mm tall. Choose from more than 20 delicious UV-stable powder coat colours.

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