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P O L K A   F I N I S H E S

Powder Coat Colours

Visually skinny but functionally strong, the long legged Polka table legs are manufactured in rust proof stainless steel solid rod with adjustable ball feet for uneven terrain. The quirky legs are TIG welded to Polka dot patterned table tops from laser cut stainless steel plate with laser cut perforated dots in concentric swirls that allow rain to pass through, making them both practical and pretty outdoors. Coated in UV stable pure polyester with a luxurious satin ferro grain finish, the Polka Café tables are a match for the African elements come rain, wind or sunshine in a delicious range of colours.


Care for your powder coated stainless steel Polka Cafe Tables by wiping when necessary with a damp cloth. For tougher spills one can create a solution of light detergent (like Sunlight liquid) and water.

Traffic White

Silk Grey

Light Grey

Basalt Grey

Umber Grey

Jet Black


Ochre Brown

Chestnut Brown

Beige Red

Coral Red

Purple Red

Pale Green

Emerald Green

Moss Green

Olive Green

Pastel Violet

Lemon Yellow

Pastel Turquoise

Gentian Blue

Night Blue

Ocean Blue

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