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P L A T – O   T A B L E

Flat Oval 20-Seater

The Plat-O Flat-Oval 20-seater makes an ideal conference table or extravagant dinner table for lavish exteriors or luxe interiors. Measuring L 6400 x W 1400 x H 735mm, the Plat-O 20-seater is made by combining two units. Featured above is a Plat-O 20-seater with a Jet Black Base and table top in Dekton Radium.

Plat-O table tops with rounded edges are offered in a refined selection of Dekton 20mm slabs. Scinterized stone handles extreme elements with a clean & sophisticated look & feel for luxury outdoor living.

The Geometric pedestal base is laser cut from 304 stainless steel plate then powder-coated in UV stable pure polyester with a luxurious ferro grain finish in any of our erudite colours.

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